An extra boost for ESFAA

The ESFAA network has just got a new financial support from the European Commission’s MEDIA – Creative Europe and is already working to present new activities and projects to enhance European short films and broadcast new talents.

Since 2019, 10 emblematic European festivals come together to organise the European Short Film Audience Award (ESFAA): a selection of the very best European short films of last year awarded with a national audience award. The ESFAA network has just got an extra boost by MEDIA – Creative Europe, with a financial support for the upcoming years 2023-2024. 

This European Commission’s programme aims to support Europe’s film and audio-visual industries to develop, distribute and promote European works, taking into account today’s digital environment. In addition, it encourages cooperation across the value chain of the audio-visual industry in order to scale up enterprises and European content globally, nurturing talents, wherever they come from, and engaging with audiences of all ages, specially the younger generations.

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