ESFAA 2023 – 2024

Discover the 9 short films touring to win the title of 2023-2024 European Short Film Audience Award.

After winning the favour of their national audience, these short films are on a quest to win the hearts of Europeans, who are invited to vote for their favourite short film. The final award of 3.500€ will be presented at Brussels Short Film Festival, in 2024.

The national audience won’t be able to vote for the short film coming from its own country to ensure the fairness of the award.

Beş by Ayla Çekin Satijn
The Netherlands – 2021 – 7’04 »- Fiction
Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen – Audience Award 2022

When a young woman returns to her native village to attend a childhood friend’s traditional Turkish wedding, she is afraid she will not be accepted. But when, in this short drama, she reunites with her four friends from bygone years, she discovers she is not free of prejudice either.

Blue Note by Pavel Andonov
Finland, United Kingdom – 2022 – 21′ – Fiction
Tampere Film Festival – Audience Award 2022

Leena is faced with a heartbreaking commitment after spending a beautiful day with her terminally ill husband Boris in their summer cottage.

Baby Thump by Ian Killick
United Kingdom- 2021 – 10′ 55 » – Animation
Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival Bristol – Audience Award 2022

Being woken by a newborn is one thing…what to do with it? That’s quite another.

Garrano by David Doutel, Vasco Sá
Lithuania, Portugal – 2022 – 14′ – Animation
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival – Audience Award 2022

A Garrano horse is forced to pull a heavy load under the sun’s blazing heat. A young boy, Joel, discovers a man who is about to set the forest on fire.

Rag Head (Ma Gueule) by Grégory Carnoli, Thibaut Wohlfahrt
Belgium – 2021 – 21′ 38 »- Fiction
Brussels Short Film Festival – Audience Award 2022

Stéphane returns to his hometown, La Louvière, to watch a football match with his childhood friends. At the end of the match, they manage to persuade Stéphane to go with them on a trip to a Flemish nightclub. But Stéphane is refused entry.

Tondex 2000 by Jean-Baptiste Leonetti
France – 2023 – 28′ – Fiction
Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival – Audience Award 2023

Sylvain, an Afghan veteran living off of petty crime, crosses paths with Nathalie, an upper-class CEO struggling to keep her lawnmower company afloat.

Sharing by Natalia Sara Skorupa
Poland – 2021 – 14′ – Documentary
Short Waves FestivalAudience Award 2022

We are awarding a film about family and differences between each of its members, in which the author, despite not being present on the screen, exposes her everyday life – for sharing her inspiring courage and perpetuating the universal experience associated with the struggle to maintain one’s own identity.

Arquitectura Emocional 1959 by Elias León Siminiani
Spain – 2022 – 30′ – Fiction
Alcine International Film Festival Audience Award 2022

Here is the love story of Sebas and Andrea, first-time university students, in the 1958-1959 academic year. Here is how social class and ideology become insurmountable obstacles?… Here is architecture marking, inadvertently, the dotted line that ends up dictating its emotion.

If not now, then when…? by Jens Rosemann
Germany – 2021 – 3’35 » – Animation
Interfilm BerlinAudience Award 2022

On a beautiful summer day, Sven is finally going to take the plunge: to jump from the ten-metre board. But first a shower. Now he’s ready, but … perhaps better tomorrow?